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Yoon Do Hyun’s Must… The second epsiode from last week’s broadcast. Shinhwa’s special filled with professional and completeness until the encore^^

Today’s broadcast marks the last music broadcast for Shinhwa’s 10th album, where preparations for the album had started since last year winter.

Really thank you Mnet!! ! And also, because of Shinhwa ^^ the directors who gather once again^^

From the press conference held after Minwoo’s discharge, to today’s Must, time passed really fast these two months… Everyone will perhaps agree with me…

Recalling Eric mentioning over the phone

“Hyung…Our activities are really spectacular ^^”…

A really spectacular two months…Although we took a longer journey, like what Eric said, in order to create another start for Shinhwa, Shinhwa members, the staff who are just like the members and Shinhwa Changjo gather once again, united as one.

To me, these two months…No, these six months starting from winter last year, is to lay the foundation for Shinhwa to be together for a long time..

Staying up for numerous nights having many fights the laughters and tears…This journey is really filled with plenty of emotions. But this period of time seems to be rather short..yet will remain in our memories for a long long time.

Hope that the foundation that we laid will help strengthen the members solo activities, and hope that next year, with Shinhwa returning with their 11th album activities, this foundation laid can be even stronger

Sincerely thanking everyone^^

source: liveworks & Shinhwa_Updates

@liveworks: 민우와 도쿄일정을 마치고 다시 서울로…도착하면 바로 상해공연을 위한 일산 스튜디오 리허설 그리고 하루쉬구 상해로 출발^^ 여행가고 싶다 모니리자 그림 실제로 보러ㅎ 올해 꼭 가야지…

[TRANS] Minwoo had finished his Tokyo schedule and returned to Seoul…He headed to Ilsan studio for Shanghai concert rehearsal once he reached. Will head off to Shanghai after a day’s rest^^ Want to go for a trip, to see Mona Lisa’s drawing ㅎ Have to go this year…

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