hello everyone!

this fuckyeah has been down long enough and i have now decided to start posting again slowly as minwoo’s rumored comeback is near. i am still looking for a co-admin to help me post so please look here

i am doing a complete makeover of the fuckyeah and will also change the tags. from now on everything will be tagged as p: fantaken, p: official, and so on. older archive/tags can be found here!

please keep supporting this blog and minwoo in the future. :)

130529 show champion. do not edit.

130529 show champion. do not edit.

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130524 music bank. do not edit.
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130524 music bank. do not edit.
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130524 music bank. do not edit.
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Hey guys, look what happened today!!!!!!


We got 1000 followers, woah!!! I started this blog 13 months and 7 days ago, so its a honor to gain so many followers so quickly. :D

Thank you for supporting this blog! ♥


[130528] [Shinhwa Company] 
[Message from the Admin]
Had a delightful conversation with Ji Yeon-nunim.
Never was arrogant.

[130528] [Minwoo’s Facebook]
Shinhwa on Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside!!
Had a great time throughout the recording^^
Sunbaenim was very funny~
Everyone smile!!

130524 music bank. do not edit.
cr: on pic.